First Call for Climate Projects - January 2021 | EKOenergy

Deadline: 7th March

Length: 3pg

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The implementing organisation’s experience in the field of renewable energy.

The implementing organisation’s bookkeeping and resources: What is your annual budget and what are the main sources of income? How is your bookkeeping audited?

How much capacity will be installed and how many people will benefit from it? The used materials should fulfill the safety and quality requirements of the relevant IEC standards (, the GOGLA Quality Standard or equivalent quality criteria. How do you plan to communicate about the project?

How will you communicate at local level, in the country where the project is being implemented? And how can you help us share the news about your project towards energy consumers in general and users of EKOenergy-labelled energy in particular?

How will the project be followed-up after the installation?

What is the impact on the local community? (including links with the UN Sustainable Development Goals). How is the local community involved in the project?


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